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INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING EDUCATION  visualize to prosper across the continents by providing a magnificent platform to publish the research papers of excellent theoretical and applied research in all present and future era Engineering, Computing and Sciences regulations. From basic research to application development in all the fields of studies of below mentioned regulations is the broad range of IJEE. The International Journals of Engineering and Sciences are excellent, intellectual, peer reviewed combination of journals that take a scholarly approach in creating, developing, integrating, sharing and applying knowledge about all the fields of study in Engineering, Computing and Sciences for the benefit of humanity and the profession. It provides rapid publications and a forum to the academics, scholars and advanced level students for exchanging significant information and productive ideas associated with all these disciplines. Papers published in IJEE take an intellectual approach to knowledge, wisdom, training and learning. They establish a clear connection to student learning, and appeal to a wide range of audience interested in Engineering, Computing education and Sciences. The teachers, researchers, instructors, curriculum designers, and administrators are the key beneficial of IJEE.

IJEE Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

  Algorithms Analysis  Engineering Management
Artificial Intelligence Next Generation Networks
 Circuits and Systems  Grid Computing/Cloud Computing
 Computer Architecture  Pattern Recognition/Computer Vision
 Software Engineering  Data Mining/Database Systems
 Digital Signal and Image Processing  Sensor and Micro-machines
 OFDM(A)/SC-FDMA  E-Commerce/M-Commerce
 Formal Methods  VLSI/Advanced Digital Design
 Information Security  Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
 Advanced Electromagnetic  Computer and Communication Networks
 Ubiquitous- Healthcare  Mobile and Wireless Communication
 Business Aspects of Convergence IT  Neural Networks
 Mobile computing  Wireless Body Area Networks




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Paper 1: More on Minimizing Finite Automata with Errors Nondeterministic Machines

Author 1: ,                     

Paper 2: Uniform Sampling of Subshifts of Finite Type on Grids and Trees

Author 1: ,                    

Paper 3: Minimal Reaction Systems Revisited and Reaction System Rank

Author 1:Cimone Albert

Paper 4: Fast Convolutions of Packed Strings and Pattern Matching with Wildcards

Author 1:                                                                   


Paper 1: Mathematical modeling and simulation of photovoltaic cell using Matlab-Simulink environment

Authors:IGWE O.W and Enefaa Longjohn

Paper 2: Extracting the Best Features from an Image using Genetic Programming

Authors:Eisa Rezaei and  Seyed Naser Razavi

Paper 3: Noise and vibration reduction in PMSM-A review

Authors:Keramat Balaghi,Dr. Ghiolam Hossin Massoud and Mohammad Kazem Emadzadeh

Paper4: Artificial tune of fuel ratio: Design a novel siso fuzzy backstepping adaptive variable structure control

Authors :Ema Sindar,Pauol Kilmon

Paper 5: High performance control of grid connected cascaded H-Bridge active rectifier based on type II-fuzzy logic controller with low frequency modulation technique

Authors: Azam Bakhtiyor ogli

Paper 6: Optimal Placement and Sizing of Active Power Filters in A Power System Using By Keshtel Algorithm.

Authors:Kaveh Poorebrahimi Foomani, Seyed Abdollah Mousavi and  Iraj Ahmadi

Paper7: Self-adaptive decomposition level de-noising method based on wavelet transform

Authors:Maria  Ganguly

Paper 8: A performance comparison of interleaved boost converter and conventional boost converter for renewable energy application

Authors: Tejendr Rana

Paper 9: Design and Characterization of Compact Microstrip Patch Antenna Using" Split Ring" Shaped Metamaterial Structure.

Authors:Ferank Boord


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